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My name is Linda and I’m passionate about breeding/showing healthy quality Persians, specialising in pure solid 3/5/13 lines which consist of Blue, Cream and Blue-Creams. Occasionally, I may have other colours.

Recently, I have added hi-white bi-colours to my furry family (all imports) and am hoping to produce odd eyed/blue eyed  kittens.

I am a mother of 5 children, all adults now, and my youngest son (Jamie-Lee) has Downs Syndrome and Severe Autism. Animals have always been an important part of my life and because I now have more time to spare, I have become totally absorbed in this wonderful hobby.

My love for the Persian breed began when my husband bought me two females for my birthday 20 years ago. From that day I was hooked, and after a lot of searching, I started my new breeding programme from some of the best pure Persian lines that I could find. Since then, I have developed a real determination to keep up with the standards of the GCCF and this is where showing and attending cat shows really broadens my knowledge – there is always something new to learn and It’s also lovely to meet up with friends I have made through the cat fancy.  Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I have been away from the show ring for a couple of years but I am hoping to start showing again soon.

I have been extremely fortunate to have found a very good Vet who is also a lover of cats. He has helped me a great deal and is always enthusiastic when I visit for vaccinations. To be recommended by a Vet is always an honour and this in turn encourages me with my achievements.

I always aim to produce kittens with a sweet expression; large round eyes; ears that are small and lay low on a nice shaped head; cobby/solid bodies; short legs and a long flowing coat. Of course, the most important factor is to have happy, healthy cats that are loved dearly.

All my cats/kittens are PKD negative, (Polycyctic Kidney Disease). This is passed on to kittens if either of the parents are PKD positive. This can kill a cat at a very early stage in his/her life. Always check with the breeder when considering the purchase of a kitten.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and do please leave a comment in my guestbook.

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Blue Adult Girl

I am looking for a loving, caring forever home for a gorgeous blue Persian adult girl.  I would prefer her to go to a single cat home where she will get the undivided attention she loves.  If you feel you are the person(s) for her then please contact me for more information.

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